Books by Doctor Ed

Follow Your Dog: Adventures with Nature

This is a book of true stories that engage the natural world ethically, physically, and philosophically. The “dog” in my book’s title is a metaphor for wild nature, its flora and fauna, it’s rewards and penalties.

Following nature’s beyond-human guidance leads to stimulated senses and enhanced living. When we give ourselves permission to go beyond the ordinary and embrace the role of nature as teacher, we are able to appreciate the romance that dwells in everything and better understand our place in this world.

Reckless But Lucky

Doctor Ed has collected moments and stories of grand adventure and boldness throughout his life, and combined them for your reading pleasure in Reckless But Lucky.

Readers will find full accounts of the stories previewed on this blog, as well as much more. Reckless But Lucky provides a unique look at twentieth century America through Doctor Ed’s eyes.