About Me

If life were a rodeo, Doctor Ed would be the bull, scattering and shattering the turf of convention, yet able to pause like “Ferdinand,” resting and pondering among the flowers of philosophy, truth and beauty.


Doctor Ed’s unrepeatable life, like no other, was set in the latter half of the 20th century. He fought off society’s shackles of compliance, fearlessly demanding independence and freedom. Like Muhammad Ali, Doctor Ed is a fighter, a warrior. Ed and Ali both had mighty physical battles, battles against convention and, in their later years, mighty battles against Parkinson’s Disease. Life Magazine featured Doctor Ed in their July 11, 1960 edition, captioning him “Reckless, But Lucky.”

And there’s the other side: the philosopher-poet. If Doctor Ed had not used strength and skill and magic to fight off a shark in Panama’s San Blas Archipelago, his face mangled and chest punctured with a row of tooth-marks down his shirt and chest, he never would have enjoyed the many fruitful decades of his caregiving and philosophical and poetic pursuits.

His formula has been: passion, imagination and action. This has carried him to unimaginable Twentieth-Century times, places and opportunities. Maybe it was an alignment of restless stardust that magnetized Doctor Ed to quixotic action centers of immense caregiving, adventure and coincidence. Maybe it was reckless luck.

Happy member of a family of five 
Two time World Wrestling Champion
Physician and Caregiver
World Traveler
Ardent Philosopher
Lifelong Adventurer 


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