The Real Holy Grail

Optimism and enthusiasm are key ingredients for enchanted living.

Optimism carries through. It is a courageous belief in yourself, includes the ability to focus on the big picture, the wisdom to say “no” at the right time, and the wisdom to contemplate and finish even the most outrageous ideas. 

Enthusiasm is the introduction to a head-over-heels pursuit of the good life.

What is enchanted living? I like to use the poet’s journey to explain it. Poetry is choosing the ideal words in a meaningful way, and then mining, pruning, and polishing them into the best possible order. Enchanted or poetic living follows the same model for life. It is the construction of philosophical and emotional frameworks which prepare a person to live life as the poet engages with words (picking the best moments, behaviors, choices, and people, then pruning and polishing these things), to seek the romance that dwells in everything.

Optimism and enthusiasm and learned. How do you develop them if you’re feeling less than chipper? One way is PLAY.

Ed and Daughter Lyndsay cruising the Caimans

What do I mean by play? As a physician, I propose an anatomical breakdown of real, let-er-rip, play:

  • Knowledge 
  • Imagination and creativity and training 
  • Confidence
  • Fearlessness (a constantly changing process)
  • Being yourself
  • Having a playful alter-ego / alternative self you’re able to release when appropriate (the more you know the better the show – provides dramatic flair and tickles the funny bones) 
  • Tender tickling of funny bones (no malicious play) 
  • Relaxed self and psyche
  • Sensuality: love of art, music, experience, senses – taking a full day centered on observing one sense at a time – smell, color, sound, etc.
  • Appropriately feeling gratitude to our makers (quantum, cosmic, etc.)
  • Daring – can you push your fear? Can you “play” on it?
  • Surrounding yourself with humor and humorous people: finding and sticking with your ‘type’ is a key to finding play/joy in everyday life. They must also be young at heart. The synchronicity that comes with finding ‘your tribe’ is incomparable. You go places you cannot go on your own.

Aka be a little crazy!!! 

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