Just Published! Doctor Ed’s latest book, ‘Follow Your Dog,’ Out Now!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve published my second book! Follow Your Dog: Adventures with Nature, is available now on Amazon. I’ve been working on these stories for many years, and am happy to share them with my friends, family, and *adoring public.*

Follow Your Dog is about much more than dogs or hunting or fishing. Rather, this is a book of true stories that engage the natural world ethically, physically, and philosophically. The “dog” in my book’s title is a metaphor for wild nature, its flora and fauna, it’s rewards and penalties.

Our souls are not only evolutionarily inherited, they are also guided by ongoing tangled relationships with nature. Following nature’s beyond-human guidance leads to stimulated senses and enhanced living. When we give ourselves permission to go beyond the ordinary and embrace the role of nature as teacher, we are able to appreciate the romance that dwells in everything and better understand our place in this world.

These stories depend on nature’s complex web of humor, empathy, courage, fear, authenticity and triumph. I’m trilled to be sharing them with you. And stay tuned for my forthcoming books on PLAY and poetic living!

My new book, Follow Your Dog, is out now.
Cover illustration by Samantha Abadie

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