Nature’s Child

Granddaughter Dezla exploring the tractor at Savanna Hills Ranch

I wrote the following poem for my nature-loving daughter Lyndsay after the birth of her first child, Dezla Dawkins Falyn. As a poet, I believe in instinct and the important hunter-gatherer pathway to our modern, human soul. Call God nature, or call nature God. Either way it’s a “conciliation of all things to all things,” all unique. This concept is represented here by the interaction between my daughter Lynne and granddaughter Dezla, borrowing on Bruce Chatwin’s portrait of aboriginal mothering in his book, The Songlines.  

Nature’s Child

My child clings casually to my breast,

turning a seed pod in a sturdy fist

Supported by a woven sling,

for the moment, the pod her precious thing

We walk on, absorbed, happily together

Our gazes meet, she offers her treasure

I break off a piece of aromatic pine,

trade for the pod, which now is mine

She murmurs to me in babble-eeze

of insects and birds and flowers and trees

Knowing nature so well, by feel and by smell

Her tongue’s unfurled – so much to tell

Find “Nature’s Child,” and other contemplations in my next book, Follow Your Dog, coming out later this year.

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