Character Study, 1981

Friend Reuben, laughing at my jokes
Friend Reuben, laughing at my jokes 

A writing exercise I gave myself in 1981, brief descriptions, one or two sentences in length, showing one general characteristic.







A BARREL OF LAUGHS (Arnie Garinger, my brother in law)
The way he says things, they kind of sneak up on you, and suddenly you are laughing. And the way he tells a joke I have never heard anyone better. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t ever tell him a joke, he’s always heard it before.

DON JUAN (Don Dawkins, my nephew)
He is the epitome of youth and innocence, tall and handsome with his dark hair brushed back and his twinkling smile. During his college break, he took seven girls with him on a trip to Mexico.

SOUR GRAPES (Anonymous “friend”)
You would never guess that he was the most obnoxious kid in our school. I just met him again, after twenty years, and it was impressive. He was smooth and charming, and headed his own investment firm, the kind of man you could trust with your life. I’ll tell you what, I bet he’s still a prick!

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