A Pantanal Poem

I was surprised at the jubilant response to my last post, Earth Spin Cycle, which is amazingly short and basic regarding reduction of what went before humankind. Deep stuff!

Since publishing Reckless But Lucky I have been busy with events and readings, but now I am finally getting back to my writing. I am working on two additional books I hope to publish within the year on adventures with nature (hunting, fishing, and the natural land), and poetic living, which includes a heavy dose of poetry, philosophy, and the romance that dwells in everything.

imageHere are a couple of poems and ballads I wrote while spending time as a naturalist in the Brazilian Pantanal. Think of them to the tune of “Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie,” an old cowboy folk song. I love old 19th Century poems and songs, such as found in “‘Lasca” and “The Ballad of Sam Hall.”

Bury Me Soft in the Pantanal 

Bury me soft in the Pantanal

under a kapok tree, where it’s fluff will fall

Where the changing waters are so gay

where all the critters feed and play

Where the caiman glides by a bird-full tree

the Pantanal is where I’ll be

Where the monkeys bark and the Jaguars growl

bury me soft in the Pantanal

Where the rivers sing and the flowers swell

bury me soft in the Pantanal

Where the puma strides and the birds fly free

softly, so softly – for eternity

So bury him we did, under a Pantanal moon

while we sang his song to a haunting tune

“softly, so softly, by the light of the moon

the kapok tree – your soul-mate soon”

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