Moment: Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset

My wife and I were on a trip to Australia and Tasmania in the 1980’s. It was centered around the Australian Medical Association’s annual meeting, which was being held in Tasmania, actually a multiple-day meeting traveling by bus from place to place all the way from Hobart to Launceston. I had found out about the meeting by reading of it in my American Medical Association (same AMA initials) newsletter and contacted the meeting organizers at the Australian Medical Association. I offered to be a guest speaker on, “California Medical Politics,” and they accepted.

My wife and I were flying from Melbourne, Australia to Hobart, Tasmania, our airport adjacent to the Tasman Sea. As we boarded the airplane, there was a gorgeous setting of the sun over the sea. However, when the plane took off from the ground, the sun gradually reappeared as we gained elevation, giving what seemed like an assurance of a sunrise. It was magnificent, with the sparkling waters around it, until, with the passage of time and the plane now directly over the sea, there was another spectacular sunset, cloud-caused orange and purple colors made me “wax poetic.”

Sunset, sunrise, sunset. 

sunset sunrise sunset


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