The Alligator Wins

Four or five of my hitchhiking college friends and I were out on a hike on the edge of the Florida Everglades one spring vacation. As we came around a bend, we spotted just below us, a 20 by 20 yard sand pit, where a six foot alligator was starkly outlined. On a bet, I jumped in and grabbed the alligator, the sole occupant of the tiny pit-pond, which quickly turned muddy after our five minute struggle, the alligator powerfully thrashing around. It wasn’t as reckless as it might seem, as I had previously wrestled alligators while working at the Black Hills Reptile Gardens while in high school.

This one was too strong and wild and I crawled out defeated. Things had mostly going my way as the pursuer, but the water was about six feet deep and it would have been very difficult if he got pissed off and started after me with all of those big teeth!

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