Renaissance Man, no. Rhythm and Grace, yes!

I suppose one could term me a Renaissance Man, as several of my friends have, trying to explain my quixotic passion in so many directions; for freedom, care giving, adventure, truth and beauty.

But, my formidable life-actions and adventures do not come from and are not influenced by skidding out of the Dark Ages, rather emerging from the cocoon of the beautiful and simpler 19th Century, which enveloped and molded my own spectacular era in the United States, the latter 1/2 of the 20th Century. These centuries were needed and welcome, prior to the technology, regulation, and crushing convention against our true humanity inflicted by the ongoing speed-up of the 21st Century.

Because I allow myself to be embraced by the fresh air of our natural rhythm and grace, without the shackles of fear and convention, my compass intuitively guides to true-to-self contemplation and action. My quest has been to vitalize that truth and beauty I find in my own soul, unvarnished, unabashed. I try to deal with nature on its terms, as both a naturalist and a pondering philosopher. My formula: “Personal passion, leading to imagination, leading to action.”*

Félix Martí-Ibáñez’s book (one of many) All The Wonders We Seek describes one such wonder in its last paragraph, “The lights of the rainbow are now brush strokes of sun on the palette of the sky.”

*This is a formula I have used for years. It was similarly articulated as “Intuition, leading to concept, leading to action,” the “best life-formula” by the Spanish/American writer Félix Martí-Ibáñez, prolific writer and editor of the American MD Magazine. His fruitful insights gave me much to enjoy during the many years of my medical and surgical training.

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